It’s circus season!!!!! The FSU circus students and staff have been working their butts off all school year for these shows (and also on their schoolwork of course) and the show looks FANTASTIC!! Here is a teaser of the FSU Flying High Circus Homeshow Series: Action!     If you’re in Tallahassee you should definitely […]

HOLY SHIT Y’all I’m a FINALIST and I have TWO photos in the TOP 100 of their category!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! SO MUCH SCREAMING!!! For those of you who have NO idea what contest this is here is a snipped from their website: “Totally Free – Enter up to 50 photos in 25 categories. View the photos […]

Yea, I know…it’s February. Okay, so I’m behind. It’s cool. It’s totally cool. Why? Because I’m going to distract you from my lateness with my super awesome year! Hah!   2015 started with taking portraits of super awesome friend, Evan!     And then I was SUPER EXCITED to photograph my best friend’s Save the […]

Holy wow am I behind on blogging! New blog posts are coming soon! I have a senior shoot, my year in review, circus practices, and an anniversary shoot that I need to write! AHH! Ever since Christmas I’ve been like: “nah, those can wait.” Sooooo the waiting is over and I will be posting some […]

I feel weird titling this post with “Kimberly”. Yes, that’s her name. Do I call her that? Hell no. She’s my mom! And she’s super duper AWESOME. While talking with her a few months ago about visiting and going to a Florida State University football game, she brought up that she wanted me to take […]

  Over the weekend I thought it would be a fabulous idea to drop my camera with my 50mm 1.8 attached. Of course, it landed on the lens, breaking it. A lot of crying later, I realized that I could benefit from my broken lens. It only cost around $110 so sending it in to […]