It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged (oops) so here’s what I’ve been up to this past year! 🙂   I went to Panama City Beach in May to photograph Lessie and Trevor’s wedding   And then I traveled to Canada to celebrate my cousin’s engagement. Weee Mel and Dave!   Summer and Patrick […]

Yea, I know…it’s February. Okay, so I’m behind. It’s cool. It’s totally cool. Why? Because I’m going to distract you from my lateness with my super awesome year! Hah!   2015 started with taking portraits of super awesome friend, Evan!     And then I was SUPER EXCITED to photograph my best friend’s Save the […]

One week. Just ONE week before these two tie the knot and I am SO EXCITED!! Rebecca and Andrew started dating  in California before they both moved to Tallahassee, Florida. They have two beautiful daughters, Fiona and Norah, who I was super excited to have included in their engagement session! When they asked me if […]

I am SO excited to post this engagement!!! I’ve known Lessie and Trevor for four years now and they are Aca-amazing! Yes, I just referenced Pitch Perfect…I’ve had a bit too much caffeine this morning. Lessie and Trevor are  high school sweethearts and both attended Florida State University and joined the FSU Flying High Circus. […]

I took pictures of Angela and Nick’s wedding rings and holy WOW are they gorgeous!!!   Cheers! -KEP

December 22, 2014. Daniel texts me and asks if I’m in Tallahassee. “Yes I am, what’s up?” I replied. “I’m popping the question today near Westcott fountain at 4:15ish. Want to hide in the bushes and take pictures?” I needed a moment before I replied (I said heck YES), because I totally started crying. Nelisa […]