ADAM AND CINDY!!!!!! Was all caps necessary? Definitely. Why? BECAUSE THEY ROCK. Adam is one of my best friend’s from High School! I’ve known him since 2005!! Holy shit that’s ELEVEN YEARS! Hold on, I need a moment…because that makes me feel old. Wow. Okay. Recovered. Adam and Cindy met abouttttt 2 years after Adam […]

Yea, I know…it’s February. Okay, so I’m behind. It’s cool. It’s totally cool. Why? Because I’m going to distract you from my lateness with my super awesome year! Hah!   2015 started with taking portraits of super awesome friend, Evan!     And then I was SUPER EXCITED to photograph my best friend’s Save the […]

Nida is one smart cookie. She majored in Biology and is going to be in Pre-Med!! Her husband and family were wonderful and it was an absolute pleasure photographing them! Congratulations Nida!  

Holy wow am I behind on blogging! New blog posts are coming soon! I have a senior shoot, my year in review, circus practices, and an anniversary shoot that I need to write! AHH! Ever since Christmas I’ve been like: “nah, those can wait.” Sooooo the waiting is over and I will be posting some […]

Sorry to trick you, but there are zero Amy Schumer photos in this post! I put my camera away during that time so I could enjoy her and the rest of the comics’ standup. 😛 Amy Schumer was HILARIOUS. Spot on my kind of humor. Real. Every year during Homecoming Week, FSU brings someone in […]

“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” -Mark Twain Saturday, November 14th was a whirlwind of emotions. Not just for Rebecca and Andrew, but for their friends and family. They traveled far and wide to see them on their special day…and let me tell you, every single […]